I will represent you on the City Council in Ward 3,
I hope to help bring this council together for the common good on the following range of issues. Thank you.


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I will work toward over the next 4 years:

I commit to transparency in city government and a commitment to communicate regularly with constituents regarding all issues by hosting quarterly Town Hall Meetings available to all residents.

I commit to basic infrastructure as the most basic function of Shawnee City Government:

I believe that improvements in Western Shawnee are a priority and commit to working toward ensuring Monticello South of S.M. Parkway are widened; building sidewalks leading to Erfurt Park and building a 2-lane bridge on the Gleason Road bus route (currently a dangerous 1 lane bridge).

I will work to address the current Storm Water Pipe problem in Eastern Shawnee by advocating that we set aside $5 million per year for the next 20 years, focused on fixing the worst storm water pipes first and upgrading accordingly.  The current estimate is that we have a $100 million+ problem ...      I hope we can work together to address this issue collectively.

I commit to strong support for Public Safety: I will never vote to reduce the percent of city funds currently committed to our Police and First Responders.

I commit to ensuring fiscally responsible decisions for our city and I will not vote for any new or increased taxes without first taking it to a public vote.

I support Business Development to lure companies, business and restaurants to Shawnee:

I am committed to support for the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce, which is under new management and on the right path to helping bring to new businesses to our city.

I advocate re-branding Shawnee with a new slogan which embodies our vision to open Shawnee up for economic development.  “Good to Great” has served us well in the past; a new slogan can better caption our goals and hopes for the future.

I am committed in spirit to reducing codes, requirements and red tape which will help get businesses up and running or expanded.

Encouraging business near Walmart and reinvigorating the strip mall west of K-7 (Old Price Chopper) are priorities for me.
I commit to support Green Spaces and Trails:

I will work with City Staff to formalize in code the requirement that all new housing in Shawnee must be within .25 miles of a trail access point.

I will work to ensure that green spaces are an important part of any new residential development moving forward and believe that maintaining existing trails is a hallmark of our city.



I will work together and listen to residents to determine how best to move forward regarding the current land originally proposed for a Community Recreation Center.

I will advocate for a comprehensive overview of current zoning throughout Shawnee.  The master plan has not been reviewed since the new City Leadership and new City Council took control (it’s been over 10 years).  I believe that a comprehensive review of master zoning throughout the city needs to be completed again with the new city staff and city council.

I commit to supporting local education by looking for ways to partner with our local school systems.  This includes continued support for Police Resource Officer programs, encouraging programs which increase further police involvement in our schools (i.e. – early morning breakfast programs, etc.) and addressing the existing issue which leaves armed police out of our High Schools much of the time.  This must be addressed and resolved by offering an officer off the street (when needed) to cover during times when a High School Resource Officer is needed at a local Elementary School.

I will move to extend the current “remote meeting” allowance for City Council members from 2 per year to 6 per year to ensure that members of the council can properly manage other professional responsibilities yet have a seat at the table and properly represent our constituents.  There are 24+ required meetings per year; it is imperative that ALL council members have the opportunity to weigh in on major issues that may come up throughout each year in order to fully represent our citizens regardless of work responsibilities. 

I commit to continued support for annual community events that bring our amazing community together.