​• Fiscal Responsibility — Every vote I make will be with taxpayers pocket-books in mind! 
I will ensure that any proposed tax increases while I am serving go to a public vote.

​Ensure that we make fiscally responsible decisions in our city.

• We need to lure more businesses and development to Western Shawnee and I am not against reasonable incentives to make that happen in order to allow businesses to flourish and help shoulder more of our local tax burden

• Support for road improvements in Ward 3 including Monticello south of SM Parkway, a two lane bridge on Gleason road bus route and sidewalks leading to Erfurt Park

• Basic Infrastructure — The most basic and important function of local government

• Economic Development — Work to bring new businesses and restaurants to Western Shawnee

• Encourage and be a Voice for Local Businesses to come to Western Shawnee

• Support Police and First Responder Services — Strong support for these services

• Support for Eco-Friendly Policies — I will support proposals which encourage our city to be environmentally friendly

• Pro-Education — Establish strong partnerships with local schools

• Advocate for Green Spaces and Exercise Trails during new city planning

• Add Middle-Class Homes in Ward 3, with fewer multi-family units in long-term planning

• Support Community Events that bring our amazing community together